October 2017

THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! PUMPKINS SCREAM AT THE DEAD OF NIGHT! It's Halloween time guys!! Time for some autumn colors and spooky music! I love Halloween a lot, it's as good as Christmas for one reason: COSPLAYYYY!! I will be dressing up this year and I'll show off on the 31st X3. He's … Continue reading October 2017


Oogway’s Ascension

During my free time, I spent a lot of time working on this arrangement. My love/passion for the scene that this song's from makes me feel, a lot of things. The animation, dialogue, music, everything is just beautiful. I want to do so many things with it, but this is the best way for me. … Continue reading Oogway’s Ascension

August 2017

Welp. Summer's almost over and I still haven't gathered any material for my Halloween costume (Futaba Sakura from Persona 5)... crap. Guess I'll be going for another Organization XIII/Black coat character from Kingdom Hearts... Master of Masters it is! Other than that, guess what month it is? GHIBLI MONTH! I self-imposed it so it's official … Continue reading August 2017

Soo… short story is coming…

I thought I was doing well... I thought I was doing great... my inner Persona 5 phanboy had to be heard by someone through some form... I am truly extremely sorry. I kept on juggling between projects, reading, playing a game, buying some new books (including an artbook), aaaand waking up late. It's coming!! No … Continue reading Soo… short story is coming…

Story schedule finally set up!

I finally got a routine for The Best Is Yet To Come and other one-shot stories! Rejoice! Because this was a pain in the ass to figure out during a stressful time. I had lots of orchestra related stuff going on during this time so writing wasn't easy nor figuring out a schedule XD. A … Continue reading Story schedule finally set up!