October 2017

THIS IS HALLOWEEN! THIS IS HALLOWEEN! PUMPKINS SCREAM AT THE DEAD OF NIGHT! It's Halloween time guys!! Time for some autumn colors and spooky music! I love Halloween a lot, it's as good as Christmas for one reason: COSPLAYYYY!! I will be dressing up this year and I'll show off on the 31st X3. He's … Continue reading October 2017


September 2017 Update

Heeyy... I keep on telling myself I'm going to do stuff on here and I don't. My homework keeps piling up until I spend most of my time working on it. It's horrible. So... I'm sorry to say that I won't be on here as much. I'm still going to try to post artwork and … Continue reading September 2017 Update

I’m back! (and Haku)

Finally! Got stuff taken care of, orientation's over, I'm not staying up until 12/2 am every night because of orientation and brain, and more! I'll be getting back into the schedule of at least writing The Best Is Yet To Come and drawing more. Don't expect masterpieces or stuff I've been working on for a … Continue reading I’m back! (and Haku)

August 2017

Welp. Summer's almost over and I still haven't gathered any material for my Halloween costume (Futaba Sakura from Persona 5)... crap. Guess I'll be going for another Organization XIII/Black coat character from Kingdom Hearts... Master of Masters it is! Other than that, guess what month it is? GHIBLI MONTH! I self-imposed it so it's official … Continue reading August 2017

Soo… short story is coming…

I thought I was doing well... I thought I was doing great... my inner Persona 5 phanboy had to be heard by someone through some form... I am truly extremely sorry. I kept on juggling between projects, reading, playing a game, buying some new books (including an artbook), aaaand waking up late. It's coming!! No … Continue reading Soo… short story is coming…