Update… about something… err

As August ends, so does my vacation time... which is stressing the living shit out of me lol. Maybe it was bad to do a themed month while I'm transitioning... hell I haven't even watched any Ghibli movies other than Kiki's Delivery Service in July. Probably. I'm sorry for doing this at a bad time, … Continue reading Update… about something… err



Heyy a better drawing of a Ghibli character! Or slightly better... I've learned my lesson with doing custom poses. I was going to do (child) Kyuta head locking Kumatetsu... but that turned out really bad. This was a scene from the movie. I loooove this movie. It's one of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies of … Continue reading Kyuta

A Disney fan’s wish about remaking classic Disney films.

I love you, Walt Disney films once upon a dream... Why must you keep remaking classics like The Lion King? Yet I know it's nostalgia, everyone's in on it like crazy... But if I know you, I know what you'll do... You'll milk that shit, the way you did once (with) direct to home films... … Continue reading A Disney fan’s wish about remaking classic Disney films.

August 2017

Welp. Summer's almost over and I still haven't gathered any material for my Halloween costume (Futaba Sakura from Persona 5)... crap. Guess I'll be going for another Organization XIII/Black coat character from Kingdom Hearts... Master of Masters it is! Other than that, guess what month it is? GHIBLI MONTH! I self-imposed it so it's official … Continue reading August 2017