Naomi concept art

A 7 year-old girl who wondered into the forest in a middle of a snowstorm. Having nowhere else to go, she clings to Noel after he discovers her. She's curious, innocent, and is always hungry. Curiously, she can survive in the cold for long periods of time with just a light dress. One of the … Continue reading Naomi concept art


Roxas/The Other Promise (& Zanza’s Megalovania) arrangement

I was going to post this earlier... then I remembered last minute that I had assignments due the next day :P. I happened to finish 2 arrangements over last weekend! One being a day to make :P. Roxas/The Other Promise is one of my favorite songs from Kingdom Hearts. Together it builds up so beautifully where … Continue reading Roxas/The Other Promise (& Zanza’s Megalovania) arrangement

November 2017: Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

Rejoice! For your pathetic writer/artist is celebrating the birth of this site! I'm very excited to say that I'll be posting lots of stuff about my "first" story called I am!! From concept art to the first draft of the script, I'll be posting stuff through out November! My hopes is to get it out sometime … Continue reading November 2017: Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

I’m back! (and Haku)

Finally! Got stuff taken care of, orientation's over, I'm not staying up until 12/2 am every night because of orientation and brain, and more! I'll be getting back into the schedule of at least writing The Best Is Yet To Come and drawing more. Don't expect masterpieces or stuff I've been working on for a … Continue reading I’m back! (and Haku)