Oogway’s Ascension

During my free time, I spent a lot of time working on this arrangement. My love/passion for the scene that this song’s from makes me feel, a lot of things. The animation, dialogue, music, everything is just beautiful. I want to do so many things with it, but this is the best way for me.

While I do talk a lot in my description (A LOT), I’d like to talk about this scene a bit more. This scene is not just beautiful, but kinda powerful. While Oogway ascends, the music builds up with the brass and strings (and flute). It packs so much emotion until it releases it with a sweet yet somber flute solo once more. Although it’s sad to see Oogway leave, it puts Shi-Fou in a position to change himself, trust Po to defeat Ty-Long. I find it at least powerful, especially near the end of the piece. I added a part to hopefully emphasize the power of the piece… but it detracts from the original. If you can, please comment and tell me if it sounds better with or without (it’s in the description).

Lots of stuff has been happening for me. I’ve been drawing a lot more for classes and getting sick surprisingly. Hopefully sometime soon I can make a huge collection of artwork from this month in October. I would write about every single artwork… but writing this took me ages to finish (score was published on Sept. 13th). And, of course, have my anniversary celebration in November. I’ve gotten some things done for it, however I’m trying to put it off until October.


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