Heyy a better drawing of a Ghibli character! Or slightly better… I’ve learned my lesson with doing custom poses. I was going to do (child) Kyuta head locking Kumatetsu… but that turned out really bad. This was a scene from the movie. I loooove this movie. It’s one of my favorite Studio Ghibli movies of all time. Verrry underrated. The Boy and the Beast came out two years ago in Japan and last year in the US. I heard about this film through YouTube channel called Chris Stuckmann, an amazing movie reviewer. He made a video about the film and I waited until it was out on DVD. It was beautiful. Not flawless, but gosh it’s so beautiful. The flow of the animation, characters, backgrounds, music, everything was so beautiful. Sadly, I got a bad rental copy of the movie and couldn’t hear the dialog very well in some parts. Then when it got to the fights/action parts it nearly killed my ears. I had to look up the character names since I couldn’t remember them at all. I blame my local library for me forgetting their names, even after watching it twice. Hopefully they fixed it this time as I rented it again for this occasion.

I was going to make this color since I had different paper… but I ended up shading it instead. Please check this movie out! I highly recommend it! Also sorry for the page being bent… I retook the picture this morning after touching it up and I couldn’t flatten it out again…


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