Kiki & Jiji

To start off Studio Ghibli month, I did a portrait of Kiki and Jiji. I remember the commercials for Kiki’s Delivery Service on a Disney movie VHS tape. It looked like a super cool movie with lots of action and stuff. If I hadn’t seen other Ghibli movies beforehand I would’ve hated it. I showed my mom this movie in the theaters… she didn’t really like it. Might’ve been because she was busy with work, kinda boring to her or the fact that I didn’t tell her the tickets were $13 each. I love this film because it’s slow, maybe a bit too slow, but it’s still really cute. Plus it’s great to sleep to!

Other than the lovely Kiki, I want Jiji to be my pet. A sassy black cat who talks back, I loved every scene with him. When I first saw the movie, I was really bummed that he couldn’t talk anymore after a while. My beautiful sassy feline can only meow and bang a pretty white kitty… at least they’re an adorable couple. Maybe I can snatch that black cat toy that Kiki delivered to the little kid… he’s probably grown out of it by now right? Or steal one of their kittens… they won’t notice right?

I might change the type of paper I use for colored pictures… looks too grainy… I apologize for those few eyes who suffered from this.


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