August 2017

Welp. Summer’s almost over and I still haven’t gathered any material for my Halloween costume (Futaba Sakura from Persona 5)… crap. Guess I’ll be going for another Organization XIII/Black coat character from Kingdom Hearts… Master of Masters it is! Other than that, guess what month it is? GHIBLI MONTH! I self-imposed it so it’s official on this site. All month long, I marathon Studio Ghibli movies. The Boy and the Beast, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc. This will be the third time I do it and I thought it’d be fun to share it with you guys! I’ll be drawing characters/scenes from Studio Ghibli films! At the end of the month, a painting that I previously mentioned will be revealed. Hopefully I’ll stick with what I started… going through some rough drafts…

As for stories, it won’t be affected by Ghibli month as much. I’m trying to come up with lighter stories since I feel like I’ve been writing too many dark and depressing stories. The Best Is Yet To Come Session #10 is coming along nicely, still early in the story though. Short stories have been hard to come up with, probably because of my lack of sleep and being burnt out. Expect some delays or possibly no short stories for a while. It’s not because of anything related to this site, I can assure you of that ^-^

And finally, I’ll be back in school near the end of the month. The schedule might change but I’ll make sure that I still keep it up.

P.S. There is a short story for 7/31 but it’s taking a bit longer. It’ll be posted next Monday 8/7


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