My idea…

Story time!!: A while back, when I was writing the Patched story, I came across an ad for a new line of girl toys. I wouldn’t care as much… if it didn’t look almost identical to Noel AND it’s everywhere! For those who don’t know, Patched is a side story of a story that I wrote a long time ago (unpublished) called I am. The main character is half fox/wolf and half human. It pissed me off a bit cause I came up with it a long time ago… even though it never surfaced the internet. I couldn’t resist making a comic about this, so viola.

This is the first time in forever that I’ve drawn chibi (excluding Miss Trash Mammal). While I liked the art style, I didn’t have any ideas with it or a style for a long time. After making this, I felt like making another! But I have no ideas at the moment. I might make more in the future if you guys like!

Also apparently I made the site’s icon officially me… not how I really look but it’s probably how I look to others. So it works out ^-^ Check out the Patched story!! C’est très bon! (It’s very good!)


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