Tiz – Bravely Second: End Layer

An old drawing that I drew from an ad from Game Informer magazine out of boredom. I don’t have much to say on this one, I liked the way he looked so I drew him. I would’ve played the first game if it wasn’t $50 for a physical copy (don’t like digital downloads as much). Although, I do remember playing the demo for the game… and was completely confused on where to go or what to do. It was very popular once a sequel was released, looked dark and grim compared to it’s first game. I’m curious to know why Tiz had a really bad sunburn everywhere… did he get too close to the sun? Or something horrible happened? I don’t mind spoilers.

Drawing him was difficult, mostly with his hair and right shoulder. Hard to tell what was hair and where his shoulder was. I was going to draw his whole body but it became too difficult at the time. Apologies for the dark lighting! It’s not just an old drawing, but an old picture! A year old picture apparently after scouring the GI mags… happy belated anniversary Bravely Second! (came out in June)


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