July update 2017

Mm… don’t you guys love the summer heat? Or blistering cold for the southern hemisphere? Grocery and discount stores are preparing for school days once again… I’M NOT READAY!! Mostly dorm ready. Although I am dorm shopping in small increments… which is fun…. not ready. New news, I platinumed Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, the first game I’ve ever platinumed. It was hard, very very hard O-O. Fun still.

Other than stuff that doesn’t matter to anyone, I have a minor update about The Best Is Yet To Come Session #10. I’ve started planning for the Session #10 and will begin writing very soon. It helped to have a 2 story break in between 9 and 10, letting me take a breather. For artwork, I’m going to work a bit more with animation and painting. Animating won’t be YouTube videos yet, just small gifs of random things. As for the painting, it’ll be from a scene in a movie that made me love the movie.

Apologies for getting this out late, I forgot up until now. Another update will come a lot sooner!! Warning! Do not try to swallow a star/firework at home! You’ll either explode or be cursed!! Most likely the first one!!


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