Remember! Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold BYYEEEE!! *zip* According to, I’d be Bill Cipher if I existed in the Gravity Falls universe… SWEET! Gravity Falls, a town that I’d love to live in just for the weirdness and of course, the Pines family. Lasting only 2 seasons and a three part finale, it was the perfect show for Disney channel! In fact, it brought better shows on Disney XD/Disney Channel such as Wander Over Yonder and Star Vs. Forces Of Evil… until Disney cancelled WoY… at least Lord Dominator still had a badass song and hips…

My favorite characters are the main cast including Bill. I can’t decide between Bill, Dipper, Stan, Mabel (especially), and WADDLESS!! The one character that I draw the most is Bill, both human and triangular. I just love what people come up with him as a human! It’s fascinating¬†whenit’snothavingBillxDipper shipsXP. However, like with everything it came with a price o-o. I miss this show so much right now, I can’t wait for a potential Season 3 or anything from Alex Hirsch (creator of Gravity Falls show and voice actor for characters, including Bill!).

Apologies for not saying anything about short stories this Monday. Me and my family went to a family reunion in PA last week and I just got back on Monday. There will be a short story this Monday for sure, been working on it almost all week! And sorry for this being a day late. It’s done for now, I plan on adding to it next week. For now, it’s up to interpretation of what Bill does to Dipper…


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