So… is it safe to like Undertale now? Or post something about Undertale? If it is, cool. I love Undertale. One of my favorite games that has a fandom that people are annoyed by. However, many fandoms are like that (MLP, Overwatch, Frozen?).

I started playing it after Markiplier quit playing for the first time out of curiosity. Against my friend’s wishes, I went True Pacifist route and had heart strings tugged. My favorite character is definitely Papyrus. Kinda ironic since I took a “which character are you” quiz (for fun) and got Sans. I love his dorkiness, especially when you encounter his “traps” and go on a date with him. But in the end, I love all of the characters. Except Chara. Go die in hell kid. I didn’t do Genocide route on my game, only watched Jacksepticeye do it. I had a few nightmares from that one XD.

Back to the picture, I was bored and wanted to do something Undertale-related. It was fun drawing goat mom Toriel hug Frisk, the feels seep from this drawing for me lol. This is a bit old, back when I refused to work with color pencils. Without color, it still looks good black and white (well grey and white). Enjoy!!


4 thoughts on “Undertale.

  1. I wanna say who cares if other people hate the fandom but sometimes our fandom (like others) gets down right terrible. I played when my friend showed me in summer of 2016. Did a True Pacifist and not a lot of stuff makes me feel so I nearly cried. Love the music. Did a Genocide just for the challenge. What are your plans for the collectors edition? Are you getting it or are you gonna pass?

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    1. Thanks for being cool with it! I wasn’t sure how everyone would react, didn’t want a war in the comments XD. I never knew there was a collector’s edition until now! I’m so going to buy it as soon as possible, my wallet will not like me after this…

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  2. My wallet ain’t gonna like me either mate lol. Funny thing, this came out just as soon as I thought I was over the game. That idea flew quickly out the window. I imagine it’ll be anywhere from $50-$70 worse case scenario hopefully.

    But yeah I love looking up fanlyrics for the OST. Thanks for bein cool as well mate.


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