May 2017 update

Hey guys! I’m starting up a monthly update system just to keep you guys up to date with everything instead of me sporadically giving updates whenever it’s necessary. So… how are you fellow reader? I’m… quite stressed XD. Lots of finals looming over my head, I’ve gotten sick a few times. However, I’m still working on Session #9 for The Best Is Yet To Come. I’m just about a tiny bit over half way done, just gotta push myself to write more in the evenings. I plan on getting more Sessions out, especially when summer hits. I’m improving on the short stories, at least got “Ce Soir” out on Monday so it’s an improvement ^-^.

Artwork… more variety is coming? As I prepare myself mentally for finals, it’s been hard to draw every week. I’m planning on doing requests but I don’t know if there’s enough interested. I have a plan for how I’d take requests, I just wanna know who’s wanting me to draw a very stylish picture (stories too if there’s a demand for it). It’d start after my school’s done so I can be able to make it the best I can without the pressure of homework. Let me know down in the comments about that or how your day is.

– EchoFox, the zetta slow writer (or the zetta harsh on-self writer)


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