Ce Soir

Every night, lights flicker on in houses, neon lights glimmer and reflect on the glass buildings. All promote advertisements, propaganda, and more to sell the gullible into succumbing into their products and services. People still bustle in the streets, mindlessly wandering to their next destination. Coming and going to another places, it’s mind-numbing to watch. Homeless beg for mercy among the wealthy or the generous. A quarter or two is given each time, if one gets lucky a dollar. Money would be wasted away at drugs, food, or alcohol. To either kill pain or hunger, one must decide which is worse. Stray dogs and cats could be often accompanied by these poor souls. Always searching for the next scrap left behind humans, or searching for someone as low as them. Cars brush up against the sidewalks, dominating the roads and adding unnecessary light into the already blinding city. At times, it’s to be thought that it’s still daylight out even when it’s dark out.

Smaller towns are less active and more mellow and somber. Streets barely used by cars, very few could be travelling between 3 to 5 minute intervals. You might find one person strolling the streets for a late night jog or wandering in the night. Few stores and restaurants, mainly chains, remain open all night with a few customers lingering inside. Families wind down from the excitement of the day. They enjoy a meal, relax, then put the youngest to bed first. Rebellious and determined to stay awake, their parents hush them. Their bodies become sluggish as their parents tuck them into bed. The comfort of one’s home leaves them yearning for this time to stay. Alas, many wish for their youth for the oblivious knowledge of the world.

Despite the smallest or biggest details, every city and town is the same. Every city has it’s downsides, violence, drugs, too much of a home town. Nothing can or will be perfect no matter how hard people try. They strive for perfectionism but at times fail in short. One ruler cannot create a perfect ruling, they’d create genocide and chaos. A council cannot satisfy the needs of the people. The decisive opinions of the public can rip a country apart, leading to chaos. Even creating a safe haven for those who wish to do as they please are killed by the corrupted or fight with those who don’t wish to be apart of their ways. Then there are those who think that the survival of the fittest can live. Animals have done it for millenniums. World wide havoc would ensue, leading to more genocide and chaos. Those who wish no government, what does money mean? Who will create food? What’s the point of doing things if nothing’s being given back?

People look to religion for answers for these questions. God, gods, science, or nothing gives others something, a reason to keep living. Hell, Heaven, Nirvana, anything that will give someone to look forward to in the afterlife. We look for answers in life, asking “Who made us, the animals, the lands and skies?”, “What’s our purpose in life?”, “Why do people do bad things?”. The most knowledgeable in religion will tell you that there’s sin in the world. There’s nothing we can do about it, other than spread good across the globe. Whether you’re Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or Jew, you will be told that good comes to those who do good. Yet even then, we have extremists. Extremist Christians, Jihads, every religion has a bloody history stained by corrupted minds who’ve taken things too far. But is religion bad? Are politics bad? What is right? What is wrong?

In life, we question our existence and look to our elders for guidance. Who do we trust? Is this okay? Life is a long yet short journey with everything happening at once. While someone could be writing a essay about American History for their AP class; somewhere in the Middle East someone’s being prosecuted for being a faithful Christian, completely innocent. Should we worry about the world? Yes, but don’t fret too much. Enjoy life as much as possible, choose your path. Pray or wish for peace in another city, country or the world. Don’t let yourself succumb to the media’s fabricated lies. Find the truth and seek it with your own eyes. Be the person that not only satisfies you, but everyone else. Push your boundaries, limits and expectations beyond the horizon.

A night’s thoughts can lead to such thoughts like these. As an observer of the night, my mind ponders on the curious. Like a fox in the snow, I silently walk through the night, eavesdropping on the unexpecting. Fascinating how we perceive, learn, and dream of the most idiosyncratic things which turns into reality. Grow and failure works hand in hand as two halves of a brain work together to function an entire body. Animals accompany at times as comfort for both them and us, like a honey gold, brown and white Collie following me. I named him Soir after always finding him at night. Never whimpers or anything of nuisance, just keeps me going through my lonely days.

The sun rose once more, lighting the building’s glossy windows and heating the cold pavement. Slowly it rose from the horizon, painting the sky warm colors that stretch over to the cool colors of the sky. All of one’s thoughts are gone, and a new day has dawn.


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