Story schedule finally set up!

I finally got a routine for The Best Is Yet To Come and other one-shot stories! Rejoice! Because this was a pain in the ass to figure out during a stressful time. I had lots of orchestra related stuff going on during this time so writing wasn’t easy nor figuring out a schedule XD. A few changes in terms of when the stories come out (artwork not affected)

By the time I get this out, The Best Is Yet To Come| Session #6 should be out also. This will be the set/goal date for the sessions. If a Session is taking too long, it’ll be posted within the third or fourth week of the month. One-shot stories will come out on Mondays now. My schedule of writing consists of 5 days of writing Sessions and 2 days of writing one-shots. Unless if a story ends up being done before Monday, I’ll post it as soon as I finish editing it

Thanks for all of the likes and views on every story and artwork! It fills my hollow heart with awkward warm feelings ^-^.

P.S. Apologies for the story coming out late… I was planning on getting it out by Friday (along with this post) but the editing process became longer.


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